My mission is to help engaged couples set themselves up to have a life-long, incredible marriage. I coach couples in preparation for the most powerful commitment they will ever make. Often thousands of dollars are spent on a fabulous wedding and little to no attention is given to the marriage itself.

Interested in staying married for life? Studies show that couples who invest in the growth of their marriage have a significantly stronger relationship then couples who do not. I would love the opportunity to help you grow a strong relationship that can last a life time. I offer both Christian based and non religious coaching.  

Pre-Marital includes:

  • 4 60 minute face to face coaching sessions or by Phone
  • 2 Follow up calls at 6 months and 12 months post wedding. 

Pre-Marital Relations Coaching is based on the premise that knowing some things upfront could make it easier to work through issues as they appear in the relationship.  Committed relationships can work and work really well.  There are, however, tools and techniques that can make it easier.  

Topics include but are not limited to finance, communication, religion, family, and future goals.

Cost is $300.00

Most of all, couples learn how to not only be committed to each other, but how to also be committed to the marriage itself. I would love to assist you in your journey!


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